Cairn terrier Mix Adult

Cairn terrier Mix

Cairn terrier is a mix breed and they were first bred in Scotland. Their genes are derived by crossing 50% features from the West Highland White terriers (or commonly known as the White Cairns) and 50% genes from the Scottish Terriers. These dogs were mixed again and again to form an interesting Cairn terrier mix hybrid. These breeds are excellent hunters and are an evil for pests like mice and rats. They were originally called as the Skye terriers, but were later given the name of Cairn terriers which was approved by the Kennel Club in 1910.

General characteristics

The following are some of the general characteristics and a gist of physical appearance of the Cairn terrier mix breeds:-
• They are a recognized breed and are designed by crossing the White Cairns with the Scottish terriers.
• They have an average weight of about 11 to 16 pounds.
• They are short dogs and their average height is about 10 to 14 inches.
• These dogs are double coated. They have a rugged and a rough outer coat and a very soft and smooth inner coat.
• They can give birth to 3 to 10 puppies at a time.
• These puppies can live for about 12 to 16 years.
• They are available in various colors such as mixture of tan and black, pure black, cream, wheat shade, gray, red, sandy, brindle, and white. Brindle Cairn terrier mix breeds can become black or grayish in color as it ages.
• They have short hair and do not shed much.

Personality traits

Do you remember “Toto” from the movie – Wizard of the Oz? Well the Cairn terrier mix is perhaps a descendent from the Toto! They are cute, lovely, loyal and spunky in their looks. Like other terriers, these mix breed is fearless and are very brave.

They are an excellent choice for family. However, small kids and Cairn terrier mix breed do not make a good companion. They don’t have much patience, and if they are irritated they can even bite and harm your child. You should never leave infants all alone with this dog. If you still want to keep these dogs and your kids under the same roof, then do not forget to warn your children that this cute stuff can sometimes be annoying and can easily get angry.

They are also useful as vermin exterminators in fields. They can be trained without much hassle. However, these creatures will often demand for treats to do tasks. If they do not see their favorite treat in your hand, they will reject to undergo the training session.
You should fence your home before keeping these dogs as your pets as these dogs have the habit of chasing small animals like rabbits and rats. However, they are loyal and intelligent and they will definitely come back to their masters.

Cairn terriers can sometime be quiet stubborn and may stop listening to you and do what they want to do. On such occasions, they can be felt relaxed by giving them their favorite treats and doing things for them that makes them go happy. No one is a boss in front of the Cairn terriers, not even the masters (sometimes)!
The biggest nuisance with these dogs is that they will bark every now and then. They will bark at every approaching sound and moving objects, be it people, car, bikes, bushes, thunders and even winds. They bark at a considerably higher pitch than other dogs. This could be a nuisance for you and your neighbors. Although Cairn terrier belong to the group of small dog breeds, yet they can be very aggressive (which is quiet an uncommon trait). They will snap at you or even bite you if you dare to annoy him.

Feeding habits

These dogs do not require doing much exercise. They are highly energetic and have a good metabolism which enables them to easily digest and assimilate their food.
Feed your dog with premium quality dry dog foods that contain a minimum of 22% Carbohydrate, 7% fat content and 5% of Carbohydrate content. Recommended brands for these dogs are Taste of the Wild, Purina dog food, Acana dog food and Pedigree.
Give them a dog food that is free from any synthetic additives or added flavors and which are grain and gluten free.

Health and Immunization

Your Cairn terrier may suffer from various ailments and disorders such as Cranio-mandibular Osteopathy, Cryptorchidism, Globoid cell leuko- dystrophy, hypothyroidism, and Patellar luxation, Arthritis, Ocular menosis or Secondary Glaucoma, Porto-systematic liver shunt and others.

Diseases related to joints and skeleton may lead to crippling and lameness which gradually progresses with age. These conditions can cause extreme pain and surgery seems to be the only possible remedy.
Other common disorders include obesity, diabetes, cancer and hip and elbow dysplasia.

These dogs should at least be immunized with the following vaccinations:-
Parvovirus, rabies, influenza, parainfluenza and hepatitis vaccines


These dogs can live in ranch as well as in apartments. A long walk for 30 – 45 minutes will keep him in shape and keep diseases away. Give them a healthy diet which contains medium amount of fat percentage.
Keep in mind that the Cairn terrier is a stubborn breed; therefore they should be regularly provided with obedience training, right from their puppy hood. He should be taught good manners, how to be positive, consistent and kind towards others. They may not be liked by people around you as these dogs usually chase whoever comes across them, especially strangers.
Brush their coat once a week and bath them at least three times a month. Frequent bathing may cause their rough coat to become smooth. Their ears need to be checked regularly for any signs of odor, redness or infections. Clean their ears with a mild ear cleaner.
You can rescue or adopt this wonderful breed from The Kennel Club or other registered organizations. You may also buy this pet from owners who are willing to sell their new born puppies.