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Cavachons are crossbreeds between the Bichon Frise and the Cavalier King Charles. This breed is not recognized by the Kennel Club group. These Cavachons were first bred in the United States of America in the year 1996. Since then they are in high demand and are a preferred choice in many dwellings. These designer dogs are powerful, sweet and make a great companion. Since they are a relatively newer breed, various breed standards are yet to be determined for this mix breed. They look puffy and are really very adorable. Their eyes gives you a sense of warmth and kindness.

General characteristics

Following are some general features and characteristics about Cavachons:-

• Cavachon is an unrecognized breed and consist of 50% traits from its mother – the Bichon Frise and 50% traits from its father – the Cavalier King Charles. NO proper breed standards have been developed till date for Cavachons.
• These are small sized dogs and they have an average height of about 11 to 16 inches.
• Cavachons weigh about 12 to 18 pounds.
• They have a thick and fluffy coat. The hairs are densely curled which is divided into two layers. The outer coat is very soft and silky, whereas the inner coat is less soft.
• These dogs do not shed much.
• Cavachons can be bred to form various colors such as white, peach, tan, solid peach, black, mixture of white and peach, sable, red and tri- colored coats are available as well. They may also possess few white color patches on their face.
• These dogs have an average life span of 10 to 12 years.

Personality traits

Cavachon is an intelligent breed. You need not be exhausted while you train your Cavachons as they have good grasping power and are obedient when they are being taught something. Start training your Cavechon right from childhood and make sure they are disciplined. One of the most recommended methods for training this dog is the Crate method. As these dogs are very energetic, it may be difficult to train them in your homes. You need a large space and you should preferably train them in the open. These open spaces should be protected with fencing. However, you need not worry much as they are intelligent and faithful to their masters. You should be firm, patient and fair while training your Cavechons.

Cavechons socialize themselves in an obedient manner. They do not show much problem when they are brought up with other breeds. They can mingle with everyone very easily.
Some people may use these Cavechons specifically for bell training. These dogs can be easily trained for ringing bells when they need to go to the loo or when they need their food. Hence, Cavachons are highly civilized dogs!

Feeding habits

This breed is fairly resistant to stomach disorders and infections. So they can be given dry dog foods on a regular basis and few special treats occasionally.

Their dog foods need not be brand specific; however, Purina, Acana, Taste of the wild and Pedigree shall be a good choice for them. Their food should be grain and gluten free and shall not contain garlic, avocado, chocolates, onion, raisins and other stuffs which are harmful for dogs. Their food should contain:-

Protein (28%) – sources can be bison, salmon, roasted lamb, chicken, chicken liver, turkey and tuna fish.
Fat (up to 12%) – should contain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.
Vegetables and Fruits – Sweet potatoes, chickpeas, carrot, apples, pear, potato, blue berries and other sources
Vitamins and Minerals – The feed should necessarily contain biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B- complex, folic acid, riboflavin and minerals like Zinc, Calcium, phosphorous, Selenium and iron.

Give only AAFCO approved dog foods to your Cavechons. Do not add chunks of meat in their regular meal to improve its taste as these dog foods are tasty and are adequate in nutrition. However, you can divide the timings for these dogs and give a light snack or a kibble in the evening as a rewarding treat. You can even feed them with wet canned food that contains chunks of meat, only twice a month.

Health and Immunization

When you buy these dogs, make sure they have been bred from healthy parents. If the parents possess some genetic defects, then the same will be acquired by the resulting Cavechons as well. However, these dogs are relatively healthier than other breeds. Still, they may face few diseases such as diabetes, hip and elbow dysplasia, cancer, heart problems and ophthalmic diseases.
These dogs produce excessive tears, which often leads to various eye- related disorders and affect their vision. They can get easily get affected from cold which also can lead to watery eyes, thus further enhancing the vision defects. Make sure you protect them well in winters. 25 degree Celsius room temperature shall be optimum for these Cavachons.
Ensure that your dog exercises well as these are active indoor dogs. However, if they are habitual to laziness, then they can suffer from obesity due to lack of exercise. Make sure your Cavachon plays well in your fenced home.
They are moderately sensitive to many allergens such as dander, hair, dust and pollens. These dogs develop rashes and redness when they are bitten by fleas and lice.
Cavachons should be immunized at regular intervals so that they are protected from various diseases that are caused by dangerous viruses. Some mandatory vaccines includes: – Parvovirus, Rabies, Distemper, Coronavirus, Hepatitis A and B, Influenza and Parainfluenza vaccines.


Cavachon will require professional clipping and grooming time to time. This breed doesn’t shed much and hence brushing once a week will keep their coat healthy. Maintain tooth hygiene by regularly brushing their teeth and clean their ears at least once a month using a neutral ear cleaner solution. Keep their face clean and wipe their habitual tears frequently. Cut and clean their nails once a month.
As this breed is not recognized yet, you can adopt a Cavachon from individual breeders and people who are willing to sell their puppies.