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Lhasa Poo

We all are familiar to the well-known breed – Lhasa Apso and the cute Poodles. Breeders have been able to cross the genes of both these breeds which gave rise to the formation of a new designer breed which came to be known as the Lhasa Poo. Lhasapoos are known to be good as watch dog on one hand and shy and timid on the other hand. They can be great as a companion and are adorable and cute little dogs. He is a highly independent dog and will like to get himself pleased, not its master. They are mischievous, happy and playful in nature.

General characteristics

The following are general and physical characteristics of Lhasa Poo: –

• This is a hybrid dog which contains 50% genes derived from its mother – the Lhasa Apso and 50% genes derived from its father – the Poodle. This mix breed is recognized and registered by many organizations such as American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, International Designer Canine Registry and Designer Breed Registry. They look like a mix of Lhasa and Poodle.
• These dogs live for about 10 to 12 years depending on health conditions and timely diet.
• Their height normally ranges from 8 to 13 inches.
• They have an average weight of 12 to 21 pounds.
• They have big expressive eyes and have an innocent looking face. Their eyes are almond shaped.
• They have hairs which resemble much like their parents which can be curly or wavy depending upon the amount of mix from the parent breed. More amount of Poodle gene will lead to curlier hair and more amount of Lhasa gene will make them have wavier hair. Their hair look like feathers and they themselves look like a ball of cotton.
• They have a proportional head and body with a slightly shorter muzzle.
• Ears may hang down to the cheeks.

Personality traits

These dogs are well behaved dogs and are very attractive. They have been bred out of two most award winning beautiful dogs, so you can imagine how attractive and elegant creatures they are. They are agile and athletic dogs and can be trained without much hassle. If they are given training since puppy hood, they turn out to be well behaved and obedient dogs. However, these breeds are quiet selfish in nature and therefore you should not keep them with other pets. They become angry if you pay attention to others more than them. They want what they want and would not stand any alternative. However, this habit can be reduced by giving them proper training since puppy hood. With proper training he will manage to accept your terms and will sometimes go against his will and obey you. These dogs live with dignity and are bit proud about themselves. They are sure to be stubborn sometimes.

These dogs socialize well and by the age of three years they will express a gentle behavior towards others. They are good to children. However, due to their stubborn nature, you should always supervise your children when they are with these dogs.

Feeding habits

Lhasa poo should be fed with dry dog food. You can feed them with Hill Small Bites Adult dry dog food or Pedigree and Acana dry dog food. Occasionally you can feed them with snacks like kibble and chews.
For whatsoever reason, your dog should never consume alcohol, apple core, raw dough, mushroom, aged cheese, avocado, milk, chocolates, garlic, onions, grapes and resins and of course human food. Train your dogs well and keep them out of bad eating habits. If they demand for junk food, don’t give them. Just put the right food for in front of him and he will eventually eat it when he is really hungry. Giving bad food to them can cause serious stomach and liver disorders. Since, Lhasa poo have moderate exercising habits, therefore they should be fed with a diet which have optimum amount of fat and carbohydrate. The protein level should be good enough and you can even add few small chunks of meat sometimes in their regular dry dog food (occasionally).
Up to one year of age, Lhasa poo should be fed with Puppy formula after which they can be switched to Adult dry dog food. They are more active indoor dogs and exercise at a moderate level so maintain their feeding habits to avoid health problems.

Health and Immunization

Lhaspoo have lesser health issues than their parent breeds. Some diseases they are likely to suffer are: – Epilepsy, Anaemia, Hip and Elbow dysplasia. They are generally insensitive to many allergens. Since, they have long and wavy hair; they can be easily bitten by fleas and infected by parasites such as lice.
Lhasa poo should be immunized at regular intervals so that they are protected from various diseases caused by dangerous viruses. Some mandatory vaccines for this purpose includes: – Parvovirus, Rabies, Distemper, Coronavirus, Hepatitis A and B, Influenza and Parainfluenza vaccines. Inject annual booster shots from an experienced and registered vet.

You will require more often taking these pets to a professional groomer. Cut their hair so they are in shape. Their long hair can be infected with fleas, so wash their hair with a mild shampoo such as oatmeal shampoo and flea shampoos. If they are not groomed often, their hairs will get tangled up after which it can be quiet painful to ease them out. Their hair should be groomed once in every two weeks. As their ears are drooped in nature, these dogs will be frequently affected by ear infections. Keep ear infections away by applying ear cleansers with the help of cotton balls, at least once in three weeks.
These dogs can be adopted and rescued from different organizations such as the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) and Designer Breed Registry (DBR) or from private breeders and sellers. Make sure you buy a second or third generation dog, never a first generation dog as these are prone to various diseases such as heterocysts.

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