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Mixed Border Collie

Border collie Mix

Border collie mix is one of the designer dog breeds that have gathered huge popularity and fan following in a short span of time. These dogs are very intelligent and known for their witty nature and smartness. Their ancestors are registered under the International Sheep dog Society (or ISDS) and the first dog of the pure breed came on this earth in 1893 and was known as the Old Hemp. The mix breeds have been a popular choice for various dog agility competitions, herding events, tracking and herding events. One of the most famous Border collie mix is the Borador (a hybrid of Border collie and Labrador).

General characteristics

The following are some of the general characteristics of the highly intelligent mix breed known as the Border collie:-

• These are registered designer dog that belong to the herding dog breed and consists of 60% traits from its mother – the Border collie and 40% traits from its father – the Labrador.
• The average height of these dogs is about 26 to 56 cm.
• Average weight of these dogs is about 30 to 42 pounds.
• Various types of coat colors are available which includes chocolate colored, solid colored, bicolored and tricolored on a blue merle, blue, sable, sable merle, white, brindle, red, lilac, red merle and many other shades.
• They have a double coat and the coat may either smooth or rough.
• They have a good lifespan. The average life span of the Border collie mix is about 13 to 17 years.
• They can give birth to a maximum of 10 puppies at a time.
• They may have fully drooped to semi – erect ears.

Personality traits

The Border Collie Mix stands at number one position on the standard Stanley Coren’s scale for measuring intelligence for dogs. These dogs are highly energetic and hence it is recommended that they should be kept in household that have a good space. Alternatively, if their needs for constant mental and physical exercises are not fulfilled, they may acquire abnormal neural behaviors which can be a cause of death too.

These dogs are not like others and do not engage themselves much in digging holes or chewing up your carpets and furniture. However, they are known to chase car or anything that is in motion. They are obedient and always alert. They are busy dogs, do plenty of exercise and may run miles a day, quiet unusual for this athletic breed.

They have an otherwise friendly and a general temperament but gets annoyed when they have no one to play with or a limited space to do exercise. These dogs are not meant for families which have many kids as they may practice their herding habits with the kids too. However, this has not limited many households to keep this hybrid as pets.

They are known to possess ‘hypnotizing eyes’ as these eyes are used to hypnotize the herding livestock. They are known to herd rats, cats, other dogs, children, bunnies, livestock, squirrels, bugs and even non- living things like cars, carts, lawn movers, broom, vacuum cleaners and others as they are motion- sensitive. These dogs are obviously aggressive when it is not given what it demands. They will be happy and loyal only when you listen to him and care for him truly.

Feeding habits

As you well know by now, that these are high energy dogs and hence they will require a good amount of carbohydrate and protein every day. While choosing a dog food for your Border collie mix breed, make sure you choose a product that has high protein and carbohydrate percentage. Good dry dog foods can be availed from Acana, Purina, Taste of the Wild or Dr. Tim’s dry dog food.
It is absolutely fine if you give occasion human food treats to your border collie. They will eventually metabolize all the fat and carbohydrates during their exercise sessions. At least 30% protein, 22% fat content and 12% Carbohydrate content will be most desirable for your border collie. Feed an adult border collie thrice a day, 1 ½ to 2 cups each, depending on the weight and age of your dog.

Vegetable sources must include carrots and apples, meat sources may include chicken, turkey, bison, or fish meal (the choices can be rotated alternatively). Regular vitamins like Vitamin A, B complex, Vitamin C, Folic acid, Riboflavin and others should be added to their diet along with minerals such as Zinc, Calcium, Copper and Iron.

Occasionally, you may give treat to your border collies. The stuff may include pig ears or sticks. They won’t mind if you give them a piece of human food too, but make sure that this is not practiced on a regular basis.

Health and Immunization

Major causes of death in Border collie mix breeds are cerebral vascular afflictions, mental disorders, old age and cancer. Common health problems in these dogs include, but not limited to, Collie eye anomaly, fits, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, progressive loss of hearing power ability, neural ceroid lipofuscinosis, trapped neutrophil syndrome, hypothyroidism, osteochondritis, elbow dysplasia and others. These dogs may experience a sudden collapse after a heavy or rigorous exercise which is termed as the Border collie collapse, a common disorder in these breeds. These dogs will experience sight and auditory defects with increase in age and ailment.

Your Border collie mix breed should be vaccinated with at least the following vaccines at prescribed intervals, which will keep them healthy and away from viral infections – rabies vaccine, parvovirus vaccine, influenza vaccine, parainfluenza vaccine and others.


These dogs shed at an average rate and therefore you should do regular grooming of these dogs (once a week). These dogs may run away from water and you may find difficulty in catching hold of them, but make sure you give them bath at least once in two or three weeks. Clean them with anti-flea and lice shampoos to keep them away from flea and parasitic infections.
You may rescue a border collie from various designer dog breed association. Make sure you adopt or rescue at least a third generation puppy.