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Boxer Mix

Boxer mix breed is also known as Boxador and is designed by crossing two purebreds – Boxer and Labrador Retriever Hybrid. These breeds were established by doing multiple crosses between the parent breeds and thus they contain 50% characters and characteristics each of their parent breed. This breed is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Dog Kennel Club, the Dog Registry of America, Inc. and the International Designer Canine registry.

General characteristics

The following are the general characteristics and physical features of the Boxer mix breed:-

• Your boxer mix is a medium sized dog and was designed in Germany. The mix breed is recognized by various organizations.
• They have a fawn or brindle color coat with few white markings here and there.
• The mix breed or the Boxador contains 50% traits from its mother – the Boxer purebred and 50% traits from its father – the Labrador retriever hybrid; hence they exhibit characteristics of both the breeds.
• They come in various colors ranging from pure black, brown, brindle, tan or a mixture of white and brown or white and brown colored coat.
• They have drooped years and the coat is very shiny and looks elegant.
• Adult Boxador may weigh about 60 to 80 pounds.
• They have an average height of 1 ft. 5 inch to 1 ft. 10 in.
• These dogs have a square shaped skull.
• Hair shed minimally.

Personality traits

Boxer mix breeds are extremely loyal to their masters and are well known for their faithfulness. If you are looking for a dog who can be your good companion then boxer mix will be a desirable candidate both for you and your family. They possess a playful attitude and are quiet chirpy the whole day long.

These dogs are helpful and kind. They are very obedient and they retrieve things that are taught to them quiet efficiently. However, these dogs can sometimes be very aggressive and run behind moving things.
These dogs are frequently trained to help the autistic and blind people. Boxador have a good smelling sense and can retrieve a smell for a long time. They may be of immense importance and help to the military forces in the near future. These dogs have the habit to chew things around them and hold objects in their mouth.
The Boxer mix will bark at unusual objects (as a part of alarm barking) but they are usually friendly to most strangers, therefore, they are not preferred as guard dogs. They are ranked 6th on the Stanley Coren’s scale of measuring Intelligence in dogs.

These dogs also love to explore new places. They will love to go for an outing, explore beaches, rivers, ponds, parks and other areas very enthusiastically.

Feeding habits

Never feed your boxer mix breed with table scraps or other food stuffs that are known to be a slow poison for dogs. Food stuffs like raw fish, grapes, avocado, resins, corn, or junk foods like burgers, pizzas and chocolates should never be given, no matter how much he craves for. The following shall be a perfect diet chart for your boxer mix breed dog:-

• For dogs weighing 2 to 15 pounds – feed them with 1 to 1 ½ cups of dry dog food, divided into two equal parts per day.
• For dogs weighing 15 to 28 pounds – feed them with 1 ½ to 2 cups of dry dog food, divided into two equal parts per day.
• For dogs weighing 29 to 70 pounds – feed them with 2 to 3 cups of dry dog food, divided into two equal parts per day.
• For dogs weighing 65 to 80- pounds – feed them with 3 ½ to 4 cups of dry dog food, divided into three equal parts per day.

You can feed your puppies with puppy food from Purina, Acana or Dr. Tim and the adults can be fed with Adult dog food formulas from the same brands. Senior dogs should be fed with senior dog foods from Taste of the wild and Acana dog food.

A healthy food of premium quality and a proper balanced diet will keep your dog alive for many years while its reverse will considerably reduce their lifespan and they may live their life with great pain.
This breed can gain weight very rapidly, so you should constantly monitor its weight and make him do necessary exercise. Although this dog is energetic and active all day long, if he gets habitual to laziness then it may be difficult to manage his weight, which in turn will lead to various disease conditions.

Health and Immunization

The following are common health problems with these dogs – allergies, obesity, diabetes, liver failure, arthritis, tumors, and heart failure and skin problems. They cannot have a control on their eating habits and will eat whatever comes their way. They do not care if it is junk or not good for their health. They will just eat it and put on their weight leading to obesity. Therefore, their diet must be monitored carefully. Improve his bad habits from time to time.

They are often reported to have hip and elbow dysplasia (as with many other mix dog breeds) which may cause them to lame.

Eye infections are not very common in these dogs. However, they are prone to allergies and they respond quickly to allergens such as pollen, dander, cosmetics, hair spray, chemicals and others.

Be sure that your Boxer mix hybrid dog is immunized with at least the following (given at regular intervals) – Influenza, Rabies, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus and Hepatitis vaccines.


Boxador have an easy to manage hair as their hairs are coarse and short. These dogs shed their hair minimally and hence their grooming sessions can range from 2 to 2 ½ weeks. Fleas often infect their ears as their ear remains drooped naturally. Moist air gets trapped in the ear easily and hence this gives rise to bacterial and parasitic infections. Use a flea shampoo and bath your dog at least once a month (especially in the flea seasons).

This breed is recognized by several designer clubs. You can adopt this pet from individuals who breed or are willing to sell their puppies.