Goldendoodle Puppies For Sale In Pa.
Goldendoodle puppy

Golden Doodle
A very interesting and a very popular hybrid is the Golden doodle which is a mix between a Golden retriever and the standard poodle, crossed in the year 1990. The name “Golden Doodle” was coined in the year 1992. These dogs are preferred as a companion, therapy, guard or for other type of assistance works. These dogs acquire characteristics from their Poodle parent and therefore shed minimally. Thus, these dogs are well suited for families that are hyper- allergic to animal hair.
Golden Doodle – At a glance
The following list of general and physical characteristics will help you to get familiarized with your Golden doodles: –
• Breed type: Mix breed (shares 50% characteristics of the Golden retriever and 50% characteristics of Poodle). This dog breed is registered and recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Dog Registry of America Inc., Designer Breed Registry and the International Designer Canine Registry.
• Height: Their height containing genes is inherited from the Golden retriever counterpart and the Golden doodles are tall sized breeds. The males have an average height if 24 to 27 inches whereas the females have an average height of 22 to 25 inches.
• Weight: The males weigh about 50 to 70 pounds whereas the females will weigh around 20 to 40 pounds at an average.
• Life Span: These dogs have an average life span of 10 to 15 years. Most dogs live for at least 13 years, if taken proper care.
• Available coat colors: Black, White, Cream, Copper, apricot, red, gray, golden or a mix of golden with other colors.
• They may have a wavy/ curly coat depending upon the amount of Golden: Poodle mix ratio. Occasionally, the legs can be feathered.

Temperament and Personality traits
These dogs are quiet intelligent (as they have a Golden retriever counterpart) and hence can be considered to be kept at the 5th position on the Stanley Coren’s scale for measuring Intelligence in dogs. They are efficient learners and are obedient, thus very easy to train. Positive reinforcement such as rewarding techniques shall be beneficiary for your Golden Doodles.
These dogs are average energy dogs and hence taking these dogs for long walks become a necessity. However, many Golden doodles will love to play with children and other pets. They are social if they are given the proper training right since puppy hood.
The Golden Doodles are not recommended for small sized apartments as they have a heavy build up and require their room for spending time. A well fenced bungalow or a ranch shall be a good choice for Golden doodles.
Golden doodles can be amazing family pets as this mix breed is highly gentle, calm and patient. He can tolerate mischiefs and pranks by children to an appreciable amount. However, like with other dogs, never keep your children totally unsupervised with these dogs.
Feeding habits and Nutrition
The following is a recommended diet chart for your Golden Poodle mix breed at various life stages: –
• Puppies (up to 1 ½ years) can be fed with Puppy food formula from Acana or Purina dry dog foods (2 to 3 cups divided into three equal meals every day).
• Adult dogs (up to 8 years of age) can be fed with adult dry dog food formula from Acana and Purina dog foods (2 to 4 cups of meal divided into two equal parts every day).
• Aged dogs shall be fed with 1 ½ to 2 ½ cups of senior dry dog foods from Acana and Dr. Tim’s dry dog food.
Those puppies, adult or senior dogs that are over- weight, the quantities of dry dog food can be reduced by a factor of ½ or ¾ th depending upon the amount of increase in weight from the standards. The reverse method can be applied for dogs that are under weight. Make sure you constantly monitor their weight and feed them accordingly.
Along with maintaining proper feeding habits, it is necessary that your dog is taken for at least a 30 to 35 minutes’ walk on a daily basis. The exercise does not needs to be heavy, brisk walking shall be sufficient for the Golden doodles.

Health and Immunization
Despite being referred as healthy dogs, some poor mixes can develop serious health conditions. Therefore, it is necessary that you adopt or rescue a Golden doodle from an experienced and well known breeder. Some of the health issues that are reported in the Golden doodles consist of: –
Patellar luxation, hip and elbow dysplasia, ear infections (due to growth of harmful pathogenic bacteria and parasites such as fleas and ticks), Progressive Retinal Atrophy or PTA, Von Willebrand’s disease, Bloating (Gastric Dilation- Volvulus) and Hypothyroidism.
Your Golden doodles can be allergic to certain food stuffs such as veal and chicken. However, health conditions and allergies will depend upon dog to dog. Make sure take your dog for a regular health check up from a registered, recommended and experienced vet.
Golden Doodles should be immunized at regular intervals so that they are protected from various diseases caused by dangerous viruses. Some mandatory vaccines for this breed includes: – Parvovirus, Rabies, Distemper, Coronavirus, Hepatitis A and B, Influenza and Parainfluenza vaccines. Inject annual booster shots from experienced vets.
Care and Grooming
To keep their coat in a good condition, you should brush them at least once a day to avoid tangling. You may clip their coat, which will allow easy maintenance of the coat.
Brush their teeth at least thrice a week and cut their toe nails once a month if they don’t wear it down naturally. Since, their ears are prone to infection, therefore make sure that you regularly clean them (at least once in two weeks) to avoid growth of infectious pathogens.
Golden doodles can be rescued according to the guidelines provided by the American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Dog Registry of America Inc., Designer Breed Registry and the International Designer Canine Registry. If you want to buy a Golden doodle from a private or local rescuer then make sure you adopt a dog that belongs at least to the third generation.