French Bulldog
French Bulldog puppy

French Bull dog
This small dog having French looks is also lovingly known as the Frenchie or ‘Bouledogue Francais’ in French. They are put in the non- sporting/ companion/ utility dog breed group by different organizations that give them recognition. French bull dogs are affectionate and loveable dogs that established their identity during the industrial revolution. They were recognized as a separate entity by the American Kennel Club in the year 1905.
French Bull dog – At a glance
The following list of general and physical characteristics will help you to get familiarized with your French Bull dog: –
• Breed type: Pure breed (this breed is recognized and registered with the American Kennel Club, New Zealand Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club and various others.
• Height: These dogs are medium to tall sized dogs and the males have an average height of 11 inch to 13 inch whereas the females have an average height of 9 inch to 11 inch at the shoulder.
• Weight: These dogs have an average weight of 19 to 22 pounds.
• Life Span: 10 to 13 years.
• Available coat colors: Various shades of brindle, black, tan, fawn, pied are acceptable for these dogs.
• They have a muscular and heavy boned structure. The head is large and square in shape and the nose is very small in size.
• They have a short, smooth and shiny coat naturally.
• The average liter size is 4 to 7 pups.

Temperament and Personality traits
These dogs can get along with children as well as with other pets and are highly social. They get attached to their owners very easily (and of course the vice versa also applies). The French bull dog does love to have fun and to create mess all around, especially when they play with children. So, this dog may not be right for you if you are looking for certain amount of cleanliness. For this reason, it is quite difficult to train these dogs. However, if training sessions are started right from puppy hood then, training is practically possible. Crate training and reward training approaches should be followed for your French Bull dogs. Rewards may not be just food; they would even love to get praised by their masters. Never treat your dog harshly during the training sessions or otherwise.
Feeding habits and Nutrition
Feeding requirements that is to be given to your dog directly depends upon the age, metabolism, build, physical condition, amount of daily exercise and disease conditions in your dogs. The food that is given to your French Bull dog shall contain at least 16% fat content, 24% protein content and 27% carbohydrate content. Buy Adult dry dog food from brands such as Acana, Taste of the Wild along with dog food supplements such as from Call of the wild dog food supplements. The amount of dog food supplement that shall be sufficient for your French bull dog can be consulted with an experienced vet. Never overdose your dog with food supplements.
Your French bull dog will require 1 ½ to 2 cups of premium quality dry dog food divided into two equal meals every day. Never feed your dogs with human foods or raw food material or food that contains cashews, raisins, alcohols, grapes, apricot, apple core, cheese, chocolates and other such stuffs.
Health and Immunization
French bull dogs can easily acquire many diseases. They can acquire more than one disease at a time and hence constant monitoring of health conditions is required for prolonging life of your French bull dogs. Take your dog for regular health checkups (at least once a month).
Following are some of the health conditions that are commonly encountered in French Bull dogs: –
• Hip and Elbow dysplasia which causes extreme pain in joints and may also lead to arthritis and lameness.
• Brachycephalic Syndrome in which the airways are obstructed and there is difficulty in breathing leading to a choking sensation. This can be diagnosed with the help of oxygen therapy.
• These dogs are also prone to several allergic reactions. They show a hypersensitive reaction towards various allergens present in the air such as chemicals, shampoos, flea powders, medications and other food stuffs. Make sure you check and make a note of symptoms such as redness, erythema, discharge, rashes, sores, irritation and seek medical help if the condition persists.
• Hemivertebrae which can even cause weakness and paralysis.
• Other diseases common in French Bull dogs include Patellar luxation, Invertebral Disc disease, Von Willebrand’s disease, Cleft and elongated palate disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer.
Regular 40 to 50 minutes’ walk shall keep them healthy and will minimize chances of invasion of above mentioned and other diseases.
All French bull dogs should be immunized at regular intervals so that they are protected from various diseases caused by dangerous viruses. Some mandatory vaccines for this breed includes: – Parvovirus, Rabies, Distemper, Coronavirus, Hepatitis A and B, Influenza and Parainfluenza vaccines. Inject annual booster shots from experienced vets.
Care and Grooming
These dogs are minimal shedders and hence will require occasional grooming. You can brush these pets twice a week. While grooming check for any signs of scales, flakes, infection, skin lesions, redness, discharge on skin as this may be an alarming condition. Grooming shall be started right from puppy hood so that your dog gets accustomed with you and do not feel shy (or aggressive) when they are groomed at a mature stage of their life. Brush their teeth every day and cut their toe nails at least once a month if they don’t wear naturally. Clean their ears once a week with a pH balanced ear cleansing solution soaked in a ball of good quality cotton.
Their facial wrinkles shall be cleaned from inside so that they are kept safe from any kind of bacterial infection.
These dogs are recognized by many well- known organizations such as the American Kennel Club, New Zealand Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club and others; therefore, you may adopt these dogs according to the set guidelines recommended by these organizations and make sure you adopt of a dog from a reputed breeder.