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Chihuahua Puppies For Sale In PA

Beabull is a dog that is more of a bull dog and less of a beagle. They have been crossed where the mother has been the Beagle and the father is the English bulldog. Therefore they carry the traits of playfulness like a beagle and smug assuredness of an English bulldog. They closely resemble the parent breeds as well. They were designed after making crosses over several generations. Beabulls are most suitable as indoor pets but they can also perform activities like rabbit hunting and can be used as detection dogs.
General Appearance
• Beabull is not a purebred it consists of 60% of bull dog features and 40% of beagle characteristics. It is recognized by the ACHC and DDKC as a mixed breed.
• They have an average lifespan of about 11 to 13 years. Good care and maintaining hygienic conditions can prolong the lifespan of these dogs.
• Weight of Beabulls range from about 30 to 55 pounds which depends upon the feeding habits and regular exercise.
• Average height of a Beabull is about 13 to 16 inches.
• The Beabulls represent their parent breeds in mixed proportion. Like bulldogs the Beabulls develop wrinkles on their face and under bite and they also have a strong flat body.
• They have droopy ears and strong jaws just like beagles.
• The tail is more docked like – just as bulldogs.

Personality traits
Beabulls are playful and are amazingly loyal to their masters. They love your family and even kids who tries to mess with them. These dogs are not very aggressive and are quiet well mannered, especially if they are trained in the correct manner. They can hunt and track just like beagle. He can be good as a watch dog and can sense notorious things quiet efficiently. These dogs are easily distracted by scents and will follow a particular scent until they are satisfied that it is safe. They give a bay (or giving tongue) when they recognize the scent with potential quarry. Training sessions can be difficult as these dogs are very determined and do not change their mindset frequently, however they are very alert and obey very well when they are rewarded with the food they like.
These dogs cannot understand creativity and have a low degree of working intelligence. The reason why Beabulls are becoming a preferred choice in family is that they can mingle with children very well and do not get annoyed when they are irritated to extremes by your children.
Beabulls love to spend time with you and your family. They love outing and going in cars. However, they are sometimes very lazy and will spend most of their time resting on couch, watching TV or sleeping.

Eating habits
Beabulls shall be fed with dry dog food and they should exercise regularly in order to maintain their body weight. During the first 8 weeks, the beabull puppy should be taken utmost care and preferably be provided with highly nutritious diet which will be essential for its growth. It is this stage in thier life span, when your dog develops immunity towards harmful microorganisms and other hypersensitive reactions in its body. Till 8 weeks, your dog should be fed with mother’s milk after which he can be slowly introduced to solid food, starting with mashed stuffs and wet dog foods and then followed by dry dog foods that are commercially available. The dog should be fed at scheduled intervals and the meal should contain at least the following:-
• Protein Sources :- Turkey, lamb, lean chicken , veal or fish (which can be tuna or Mackerel)
• Vegetables :- Broccoli, potatoes, sweet potatoes, string beans, carrots and cauliflower
• Carbohydrate sources :- Rice (either white or brown)
• Vitamin and mineral supplements :- Vitamin A, Vitamin B- complex, Vitamin C, Folic acid, riboflavin, ascorbic acid and minerals such as calcium, selenium, iron, zinc and copper.
Choose a dog food that is grain and gluten free and that which contains fat% and protein% appropriate for your dog’s current age.
Avoid giving human food to your beabulls, although they will always thrive for your hamburgers and pizzas, but try to avoid giving them these stuffs on a regular basis as they can quickly gain weight and develop diseases.

Health and Immunization
Beabulls are prone to many diseases such as Diarrhea, Hyperthyroidism, Diabetes and Dwarfism. Beabull puppies may sometimes grow slowly and develop very weak legs with a crooked back, although they are resistant to considerable degree from other infections. These dogs are known to be prone to diseases associated with the disk. In many cases, beabulls may develop polygenic arthritis even at a very young age. However, they can be relieved from the joint pains by giving steroid treatments.
These dogs are also prone to ear infections as they have long floppy ears which do not receive constant air flow and the moist air is trapped in it.
Another very common problem with Beabulls is that they are often affected by eye problems such as glaucoma, corneal dystrophy and distichiasis. These conditions need to be corrected by surgery.
Many beabulls are hypersensitive and may develop allergic reactions when they come across pollens and other environmental allergens. Beabulls may also develop a symptom which is known as reverse sneezing in which they sound like they are choking but in reality they are drawing air through their nose and mouth.
Beabulls should be immunized at regular intervals in their life span so that they are protected from various diseases caused by dangerous viruses. Some mandatory vaccines includes: – Parvovirus, Rabies, Distemper, Coronavirus, Hepatitis A and B, Influenza and Parainfluenza vaccines.

While playing, the Beabulls are likely to pick up parasites, dust, ticks, fleas and other bacteria which may cause infection in them. Thus, they should be regularly groomed and given proper bath (at least twice a week). These dogs should never be left alone as they are easily bored and can even develop mental disorders and traumas when they are isolated.
You can adopt a Beabull according to the set guidelines from the American Canine Hybrid Club, Dog registry of America, Designer bred registry, Designer dogs kennel club, International designer Canine registry and from other well-known organizations.