Bichon-poo puppy 8 weeks old

Bichon poo are perhaps the cutest pups you have ever come across. They are so fluffy and look like a ball of cotton. They are an absolute darling in the eyes of their owners.
Bichon poo is actually a cross breed which was designed by crossing a Bichon Frise mother with a Poodle father. Hence, Bichon poo consists of 60% characteristics that of Bichon Frise and 40% characteristics that of Poodle. These pups were designed in the United States. Bichon poo is not a registered breed. If you are looking for a pet who is sweet, cute, loving, loyal, and smart and resistance to diseases, then bichon poo is the right choice for you. These are the dogs that are imitated for making soft toys.
General appearance
• Bichon poo is a mixed breed (of Bichon Frise and Poodle) and is not a registered/recognized breed. Both Bichon and Poodle are small in height and have curly coats.
• They have dense white or brown fur which is lightly curled.
• They are not very much energetic.
• They are short dogs with average height of 6 to 8 inches.
• They are resistant to many auto-immune disorders.
• Adult Bichon poo weighs about 11 to 13 pounds.
• They are non-shedding animals and are hypoallergenic.
• They have an average lifespan of 8 to 11 years.
Personality traits
Bichon poo possess a cuddly personality, they are really cute and a lovable companion for your family. They love to get cozy with you and your kids. They will cuddle themselves up in your arms in winters and will play joyfully with water during summers.
These dogs never want to be alone and are always eager to get cuddled or play with. They are sensitive, affectionate and responsive. They are friendly towards children and strangers and show characteristics of both Bichon – Frise and Poodles. When these dogs grow along with other breeds, then they mingle well with them and are non-aggressive in nature. They are obedient and follow every step that you teach them during the training sessions as they are known to be very intelligent.
Bichon poo should be trained right from their puppy hood. They get attached to every one very easily and therefore they should be taught which strangers can cause harm to them and who can be their friends. They should be trained to deposit their urinals in the preferred area and not to cause mess in the house.
Feeding habits
Bichon poo should be fed with dry dog food. You can feed them with Hill Small Bites Adult dry dog food or Pedigree and Acana dry dog food. Occasionally you can feed them with snacks and these dogs love to have cheese (however, you should limit its quantity as it is not recommended).
For whatsoever reason, your dog should never consume alcohols, apple core, raw dough, mushroom, aged cheese, avocado, milk, chocolates, garlic, onions, grapes and resins. Train your dog well and keep them out of bad eating habits. If they demand for junk food, don’t give them. Just put the right food for them and he will eventually eat it when he is really hungry. Giving bad food to them can cause serious stomach and liver disorders. Since, Bichon poo does not undergo vigorous exercises, therefore they should be fed with a diet which will have minimum amount of fat and carbohydrate. The protein level should be good enough and you can even add few small chunks of meat sometimes in their regular dry dog food.
Feed your Bichon poo with high quality premium dog food. You can rely on brands such as Hills, Acana, Dr. Tim and Pedigree dog food. Up to one year of age, Bichon poo should be fed with Puppy formula after which they can be switched to Adult dry dog food.
Health and Immunization
Bichon poo need not undergo heavy exercises or training as they are meant to be indoor pets and known for their attractiveness. A brisk walk in the evening or in the morning will keep them fit and prolong their life. Bichon poo are known to be hypo-allergic; however, they are sensitive to certain synthetic products such as hairsprays and flea medications which can cause itchiness and redness.
These dogs can be affected with diarrhea and their stomach can get upset especially when they are given human treats.
These dogs come in the lists of dogs which do not shed their hair and the curly hair prevents dead hair from escaping into the environment.
Bichon poo are not readily adaptable to changes in weather conditions. They get clumsy and irritated when the temperature is high; neither can they tolerate too much cold. So be prepared to have an air conditioned kennel during the summers and sweaters and blankets during winters for your bichon poo.
These dogs may develop diseases such as autoimmune hemolytic anaemia, thrombocytopenia, liver shunts, liver failure, addison’s disease, hip dysplasia, cancer and others.
While bichon poo are known to be highly resistant to various microbial diseases, still they should get the following vaccines at regular intervals – Parvovirus, Rabies, Influenza, Parainfluenza and Diptera vaccines.
Bichon poo are a relishing target for fleas as fleas get easily attracted to white fur. It is recommended to use a prescribed flea treatment every month and bath your bichon poo with flea shampoos regularly (you can use an oatmeal shampoo which will be gentle on their delicate skin and coat). Bichon poo needs to be groomed every 5 to 7 weeks and brushed daily in order to prevent matting. Excessive matting may lead to development of hematoma, especially in the ear region. Although these dogs do not shed much, you should check for dander and clean them up frequently as they can cause allergies to you and your family.
This dog can be an amazing lifetime gift for you and your family, especially if you have children in your family. You can adopt the bichon poo from breeders and individuals. As these dogs are not registered, you may find some difficulty in purchasing one for you.