Australian Terrier
A Mixed Australian terrier

Australian terrier Mix
Australian terrier mix breed belong to the terrier breed and were developed in Australia. However, there true ancestors belong to Great Britain. Terriers are known to keep away rodents and the Australian terrier mix breed show similar terrier type characteristics and behavior. Development of the ancestors of the Australian terrier mix started in 1820 and was first introduced in the public in 1850. After a dog show being held in Melbourne in 1906, the Kennel Club of UK after sometime gave recognition to this breed. Australian terrier mix has also been awarded for their companionship and can be used as watchdogs and shepherds. A large pool of breeds were crossed with the root stock (like Scottish, Yorkshire, Skye and Manchester terriers) to get useful Australian terrier mix breeds.
General Appearance
The following are general characteristics of Australian terrier mix breed (such as the Australian Yorkshire terrier hybrid):-
• They belong to the terrier breed group.
• They have a height of 10 to 11 inch (till the shoulder).
• These dogs weigh about 13 to 17 pounds.
• Australian Yorkshire terrier has a life span of 14 to 15 years.
• They are available in various coat colors such as: – Sandy colored, Red colored, Blue and tan (blue saddle with a tan body).
• They usually give birth to 7 to 9 puppies.
• They have a broken coat and the outer coat fur is rough and wiry, however it has a very soft undercoat.
• The tail is erect and short.
Personality Traits
Although the Australian terrier mix is quiet small in size, yet they are very tough and firm and show similar characteristics to terrier dog breed. They are amongst the healthiest of all terrier breeds and are known to build very few genetic defects.
They are fun loving and are highly energetic. He is happiest when you treat him as a part of your family. These dogs are very clever and are therefore very easy to train.
They bark at unknown people, dig holes and pave their way to keep away mice and rats, they show chasing instincts and aggression towards other animals, they are sometimes stubborn, and are clever, persistent, intense and impulsive. Terrier puppies are hard to find as they are always high in demand. So, you need to book them and pay a handsome amount to buy this breed.
Terriers may get agitated and irritated by children who might pull their ears or try to play with their whiskers. Hence, if you have children at your home, then you should be vigilant enough. Adequate training and care at the right time can prove these animals to be loyal.
Eating habits
Several packed dry dog foods are available in the market (famous brands include – Dr. Tim’s, Pedigree, Acana, Taste of the wild and others). Dry food will be a better feed than canned dog foods. For Australian terrier mix, choose a product that is grain and gluten free and doesn’t contain corn as an ingredient.
Amount of food that is to be given to your dog depends on dog’s weight, disease conditions, breed and their age. The following is a guide for feeding these dogs:-
3 to 5 week puppy: – 0.50 to 0.75 cup of meal, 2 times per day.
6 to 11 week puppy: – 0.75 to 1 cup of meal, 2 times per day.
12 to 16 weeks: – 2/3 to 1 cup of meal, 3 times per day
17 to 28 weeks: – 2/3 to 1 cup of meal, 3 times per day, with small snacks in between.
29 to 52 weeks: – ½ to ¾ cup of meal, 3 times per day.
The amount of food to be given should be decided based on the average weight of the dog. The above guide is recommended for an average Australian terrier mix weighing 10 to 15 lbs.
Health and Immunization
The Australian terrier mix is amongst the healthiest of all terrier breeds. However, even they can be prone to certain diseases such as: –
Patellar luxation (causing the knee joint to be displaced and hence the dog may start crippling with this condition), Legg- perthes (causing arthritis and inflammation in the hip joint), Diabetes mellitus (leading to loss of weight, excessive urination and increased appetite) and other diseases such as seizures and cruciate ligament rupture. These mix breeds are also prone to allergies such as allergies from dog shampoos, flea powders, pollen, dusts, mildew, and food allergies. Treatment may vary from dog to dog and you should consult an expert for medications, restrictions and any type of environmental changes if required. Major causes of death in these dogs are cancer, old age and diabetes.
It is essential that you immunize these dogs with at least few vaccines such as – rabies, parvovirus, Distemper, Coronavirus, Hepatitis A and B, Influenza and Parainfluenza vaccines.
Australian terrier mixes are one of the most loyal pets. They love to be with you, follow you, play with you and your family and protect you as well. You should never keep these dogs alone as these dogs tend to develop mental diseases when kept isolated. They are quiet readily adaptable to any kind of environment as they are a mix breed.
Training of these dogs shall start right from their puppyhood. In fact, these mix breeds are very obedient and are ready for any challenge you ask them to do during their training classes. After a task has been completed, these dogs love to get gifted with some delicious treat, or toys or even verbal praise. These pets shall be trained to do regular exercise so that their weight is under control.
The Australian Yorkshire Terrier has a very rough and wiry coat and hence shed minimally. However, you should groom them at regular intervals. Brush him at least once a week and cut the toe nails at least once a month. While grooming, check for any signs of infection, redness or allergies. Frequent bathing isn’t recommended for these mix breed. Wipe them weekly with a dampened cotton ball containing ear cleanser to prevent infections.
You may adopt or buy an Australian terrier mix puppy according to guidelines set by the Australian Terrier Club of America or rescue them from the Australian Terrier Rescue organization.