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Boston terrier Mix

Scientist have made several attempts to make a designer breed using the genes of Boston terrier. The pure breed is also known as the Boston bull terrier or the boxwood American gentleman or the Boston bull or the Companion breed. The mix breed was crossed in the United States of America and was accepted as a designer breed by many organizations. These dogs belong to the French bulldog and the White English or the American Pit bull terrier lineage. More than a trademark of sports and work, these dogs are kept as household pets and they prove to be loyal and a great companion. One of the most common Boston terrier mix is a cross between the French Bull dog and the White English Pit Bull terrier.

General characteristics

The following are the general characteristics of the Boston terrier mix breed:-

• This breed of dog was accepted by leading designer clubs and is a mixed breed containing 50% genes of the French bulldog and 50% genes of the White English or the American Pit bull terrier. These dogs are called ‘American Gentleman’ as they have a coat color that resemble formal wear and hence have a smart and pleasing personality just like an American gentleman.
• They are black, seal, or brindle in color with several white markings. They are also available in brown, red, cream liver or white colors.
• These dogs weigh about 11 to 24 pounds.
• The Boston terrier mix has an average height of 15 to 18 inches. These are compact and short dogs.
• They have proportional ears and possess short tails and muzzles.
• They give birth to 4 to 6 puppies at a time.
• They have a round skull just like the French bulldogs and hence are also called as the roundheads.

Personality traits

The Boston terrier mix is considered as a very happy breed. They have a friendly personality and are very well mannered. They were originally used for hunting rats and other small pests but were gradually kept as non- sporting dogs.
They respond to expressions and can sometimes be moody and aggressive. When they are disturbed, they get angry, will bark and may even try to bite you, but will never cause unnecessary harm to those who they are familiar to. Their genes possess intelligence as their parent breed is from the terrier group. They can be quickly trained and can easily learn special acts. Their sensible barking makes them a preferred choice in dwellings.

They will protect their masters and love their family as well. They do not easily get irritated by kids, unless they prove to be a nuisance and mess with them. They enjoy being around people and love to socialize themselves. Boston terrier mixes will love to go for an outing or a picnic along with elderly, children and adults. They can also adjust well with other dogs and pets if they are raised together.

Feeding habits

Feeding habits of Boston terrier mix should be monitored very carefully as they are very sensitive and are prone to stomach and liver ailments. You should never attempt to feed them with human food as it would cause diarrhea and other stomach related problems in them.

You may opt for dog foods from Pedigree, Purina, Acana, IAMS or Science Diet. Your Boston terrier mix meal shall contain rice, beans, carrot, lamb or chicken and chicken meal, turkey, and vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex, Folic Acid, Niacin, Riboflavin, Isoleucine, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and minerals such as iron, copper, zinc, calcium and selenium. Your dog must not go over weight or underweight. Make sure your dog exercises well and eats the right amount; this will certainly help in prolonging their life and will keep them away from serious ailments.
Occasionally when they feel hungry, you may give them dog kibbles and bits and bones to chew, but never try to give them human food, or avocados, chocolates, onions, garlic and related products.

Health and Immunization

The Boston Terrier Mix breed is prone to various ailments and disorders. It is not uncommon in Boston Terrier Mix breed to show health issues like cataracts, deafness, and mast cell tumors, luxating patella, heart murmuring and various others.
These dogs are hypersensitive and are easily affected by variety of allergens present in the nature. They are prone to get allergies from pollens, dander, dust, dirt, chemicals, hairsprays, powders and various other stuffs.
They have a very sensitive digestive system and you will often find them to be suffering from diarrhea if you don’t monitor their feeding habits. You may also observe flatulence in these breed of dogs.

The Boston Terrier Mix can survive in a normal room temperature. They cannot tolerate extreme hot or extreme cold weather conditions. You should provide them with necessary equipment and stuffs that will help in maintaining their optimum body temperature levels. They can easily get cold or heat strokes when the outside temperature falls or rises, respectively.
Boston terrier mix also has the habit of reverse sneezing, which looks like a snorting and choking behavior, but in reality they are breathing heavily through the mouth and the nose.
Most of these dogs frequently require caesarean section while giving birth to their young one.

Your Boston terrier mix breed should at least be immunized with the following vaccinations:-
Parvovirus vaccines, Rabies vaccines, Hepatitis vaccines, Influenza and Parainfluenza vaccines


Gently groom your Boston terrier mix by brushing them twice a week and bathing them once a week. They should be kept away from dust, dirt and other potential allergens. You should make a proper diet chart for your Boston terrier mix and do not try to disobey the chart as it may prove harmful for the dog’s stomach.
These dogs are mix breeds and not pure breeds and hence may be low in availability. You can adopt or rescue these dogs from the Boston Terrier Club or the American Kennel club, or from individuals who breed and sell these dogs.